Saturday, 14 January 2012

Dollshousefair and more

Klara and I went to the dollshousefair at Urk today. We had a lot of fun.....ofcourse. It was very busy. But before we went to Urk she gave me a little box and when I opend it......I saw 2 lovely little dragons in my favorite colours.

Aren´t they the cutest dragons in the world??
They will live in my 1:48 Dragonhouse. Thank you Klara....they are so cute!!!

These are my buyings. I bought a travelingcasekit and a little gardenboxkit wich will protect de flowers against the sun. (Sylvia´s Lutjeboudel) Sylvia gave me a kit for making an toy airplain.
I also bought 2 dimlights from Nalladris, hinges and my quest......a lock.

I thought it looked a bit hartshaped but I decided to buy it anyway.

Later in the day I went to a local store where they sell all kinds of stuff. The Action.
I can´t do without this store. And look what I found a little case with beads.

I´m going to drill a hole in it and make it very rusty. This is the lock that I needed!!

Now I only need two or three tramps then the sewerscene is finished. ( But these guys are hard to find)

With love             


  1. great findings!! The lock is wonderfull!

  2. I think the lock is great to Anna. I´m glad that I found it. Thank you for your comment.

  3. Wonderful dragons. Great buys what a lucky find with the lock.Cant wait to see this scene.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Monisimos los dragones y las compras estupendas, seguro que te queda genial tu escena. Besos, Angela.

  5. Wat een lieve draakjes heb je gekregen en je aankopen zijn ook leuk, ik moet toch maar eens naar Urk gaan.Ik hoor opeens iedereen erover.

  6. What lovely finds Sjoukje.
    Those little dragons are gorgeous and the lock too!!
    vicky xxx