Monday, 9 January 2012

Abducted by the decemberspirit.

Oh last post was a long time ago.....I blame the decemberspirit who abducted me.
To busy to blog. But the new year has begun and slowly everything goes as usual. I hope you all had happy holiday´s.

I got a visit from Margriet. To my big surprise she brought Hector. I refer to Margriet´s link for the story before.
Hector and Agathe had a lot of fun. He brought her flowers and candy. What more can a girl want.
Because Agathe didn´t have a bathrobe she used a towel to cover her female forms.
She thanked Hector with a big kiss....
 ...and she took the flowers and chocolat to the bathroom.
Margriet also gave me a box of chocolat. Mmmmmm
Little Bear was so happy to see E-beertje again. E-beertje also had presents for little Bear. A beautifull birdcage (very tiny) and a crown. Now little Bear thinks he´s king of the house.....I think not!! :-)
Thank you Margriet.....the gifts are lovely.

E-beer and little Bear eat a lot of  "oliebollen" (things we eat at New year´s eve)
I hope E-beer didn´t get a stomach ache.

Last thuesday I visited Klara and we made cupcakes, muffins and little fruittarts
We also made some bread.

For my birthday she gave me this Christmastree.
Thanks Klara.....I love it.

My boyfriend gave me this  magnifying lamp. Very usefull....especially for me :-)

Jolly send me this Christmas wreath. It now hangs on Harrison and Lara´s door
This beautifull angel was send to me by Jolande.
It found its place in the Christmas house.
Thanks girls....for these lovely gifts.

So far my update. You´ll here from me soon......

With love         


  1. Het was wel lachen hè, met Hector en Agathe ;-)

    En bevalt de loeplamp goed???

  2. A lovely visit and so many wonderful gifts. Enjoy! Hugs

  3. I think Hector is smitten with Agathe what a lovely couple ;) All your gifts are beautiful enjoy.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Wonderful presents and lovely guests. I envy you for this fabulous workspace - and congrats for the new lamp, very helpful. Is it with a daylight bulb? No, I'm not curious, never... ;O)