Sunday, 30 October 2011

Dollshouse fair Arnhem

Yesterday I went to the dollshouse fair in Arnhem. I have bought some great stuff  like a 1:48 house and bed, paper for flowermaking, wood, thin leather, a jug for little Bear´s house, a paintroller specially made for dollshouses and a lot more. Well....see for yourself.

I finally found my broken bottles.

I also bought some rats.

I also met Jollie and she had a lovely present for me
Isn´t that great. Thanks Jollie I like it very much.

Klara gave me this Christmastree for my Christmashouse.
Thanks Klara. I think it´s a lovely gift.  

Today I made a new set of roses. I like them better then the last ones I made.

I almost forgot....I bought a copy of " het muizenhuis". I was lucky because Karina was signing at that moment so she signed mine too.

With love           

Monday, 24 October 2011


I had a lot of plans this weekend like starting a new scene, making a give away, finish my sewerscene but the only thing that came out of my hands were these roses. They´re supposed to be peonies but I guess they look more like normal tearoses. (without the thorns.)

It´s a pity that they don´t smell like the originals

With love            

Thursday, 20 October 2011


A very warm welcome to Renate.

I´m done with the´s finished.  

Agathe has the feeling that she´s being watched by the whole world so she asked me if I would make a screen to hide her a little bit. (She is so shy lol)

I also painted the mirror that you see. It was mahogany and now it is old white.

The ferns are hanging on the wall.
The only thing that I have to do is put some scenic water in the tub but I have to purchase that first.
(next week, dollhousefair Arnhem)

Now I can concentrate on the give away I am planning to give.  ;-)

With love                

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Today´s work.

Welcome to 100th folower and all the other folowers who have listed lately.
That calls for a give away. Keep watching my blog. I will soon announce one.  

I thought that the bathroom was a bit dull so I made some plants to give it more colour.

A yucca and some ferns. They´re going to brighten up the bathroom.
Agathe also needed some sexy stockings....

....and some shoes.

With love          

Monday, 17 October 2011

Lipstick, eyeshadow and more

What is a woman without her make up. The older I get....the more I use. :-)
For Agathe Bonemountain I made a little box with eyeshadow, some lipstick and nailpolish. But maybe it`s too late for her Lol
Agathe is taking a bath because she is going the night out with her boyfriend. So she must look good. She already did hang her gown at the door.

Agathe´s gown.

Also made a sink for the bathroom. It needs some filling.

I also made a workshop (Lisette) A sewingbox.

With love                

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Another suitcase in another hall.......

What is a hotel without suitcases. This is the first of many....because many guests have many suitcases.
We started with 2 simple boxes

Then we put on some paper that looks a bit like leather


Made a belt with a buckle that really works    :-)

I also got a workshop from Lisette. She made the box and we had to put in a christmastree and some other stuff.

I made a chair, table and snowman. But was soooo tiny. Look at the pin on top of the box.

Also had a workshop of a little box with drawers. (Keetje)

And finally.....a tableclothworkshop by Emma. Didn´t I told you I would never embroider again.....well...I had to make this but I guess that this was the last time ever!!!! :-)
Day well spend.

With love              

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Bed finished.

I finished the bed today. It is made after a picture in a magazine.
The original

My bed.

And a close up.
Harrison and Lara are very happy with their new bed.

With love             

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

A new bed and some little things

Harrison and Lara wanted a new bed. The old bed is still fine but a little old fashion. They wanted a  boxspring. I looked up a picture from a magazine and got started. But first I made some other small workshops that I got last saterday. A basket of wire, a wreath with real lavender, a little christmaspuppet and a christmas cake.

With love           

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Very busy

Yesterday we had a meeting with other miniaturists. It was a lot of fun and some of us made a workshop for eachother. I made a terrasheater. And I got a lot of lovely workshops in return. I made two of them today. The sunflowers and a tray for bottles of booze. We also made a workshop invented by Lisette. A lovely gardentable. (But also usable in kitchens, livingrooms, bathrooms etc.) Today I made a second one because I want to put four tables in my beach-hotel. Guests need to eat ofcourse
The Terrasheater. If you would like the workshop, you can mail (click) me.

Tables, booze-tray and sunflowers. The watering can was already made.

With love            

Plant table

Last week Klara and I made a tray with veneer. It is so much fun to work with veneer so I thought I´ll make a little table. And this is the result of a lot of  "blood, sweat and tears" (and a punch.)

With love