zondag 2 oktober 2011

Very busy

Yesterday we had a meeting with other miniaturists. It was a lot of fun and some of us made a workshop for eachother. I made a terrasheater. And I got a lot of lovely workshops in return. I made two of them today. The sunflowers and a tray for bottles of booze. We also made a workshop invented by Lisette. A lovely gardentable. (But also usable in kitchens, livingrooms, bathrooms etc.) Today I made a second one because I want to put four tables in my beach-hotel. Guests need to eat ofcourse
The Terrasheater. If you would like the workshop, you can mail (click) me.

Tables, booze-tray and sunflowers. The watering can was already made.

With love            

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Que bien, has compartido tu afición! las mesas espléndidas y el calentado bellísimo!
    Un abrazo

  2. A very productive meeting! I really liked these miniatures!

  3. Great work. They are fantastic.I love the little booze tray :D.
    Hugs Maria

  4. Great workshops! Beautiful tables and wonderful sunflowers!!! =)

  5. Must be fun working together! And you made wonderful minis.