Sunday, 14 August 2011


After all of the skeletonscenes I decided to work on little Bear´s house again. It´s been I while since I´ve worked on that and little Bear asked me to start with the house again. I made a "walk in closet" in the kitchen. It still needs some shelfs but I´m working on that. I made the hinges of aluminium foil. You know.....from a tealightholder.  (don´t know if that is proper English lol) And this is the result of a days work.

With love          


  1. It will be a great roombox, I love kitchen fornitures that you made! regards

  2. I like the tealight holder hinges idea - very effective and very timely for me as I've been trying to think of something to use for a "drain" and this will do the job nicely!

    The colours you've chosen are lovely and I'm impressed with your sink unit too.

  3. me encanta!!! te va a quedar una cocina preciosa!!

  4. Thank you for the idea with the hinges. Your kitchen looks great. Love the walk in closet. Hugs Maria