Tuesday, 16 August 2011

There´s a hole in the bucket.....

Today Klara came over to have some fun with paper. We made a bucket and a teakettle. It was so much fun to make this. The bucket was very easy.....the teakettle a bit more difficult but we managed. The left one are mine.

I started to embroider this carpet a 3 or 4 years ago and now it is finally finished. (if you look closely you can see a coulourdifference, that is the result of waiting to long to finish it  lol) 
 I didn´t have enough green to do the last 8 stitched but it is not that visible. I´m glad it is finished. It measures 12x8 cm

I´m going to put it in little Bears house.

With love             


  1. no esperes otros 3 o 4 años para hacer la próxima, te quedó muy bien!

  2. Its beautiful. The colours are lovely. Will you do more ? :) Hugs Maria

  3. Ment to say i love the buckets and tea kettle. They are cute. Maria

  4. beautiful work, I love carpet and the bucket.

  5. @ Maria. No I don´t think I will ever embroider again. It´s no fun to do. But I will make more buckets and kettles....I´m sure of that. :-)

    Thank you for your comments

  6. The embroidery is really pretty, but yes, a lot of work I think. And you both did a great job on the bucket and kettle.

    I just came over to visit from Klara's blog, you have some nice (and some fun - love the skeletons) things here so I'm your newest follower :)

  7. Jorgelina is very lucky!

  8. te felicito, es un gran trabajo!!! quedo preciosa.