dinsdag 6 december 2011

Bags and wateringcans

Klara visited my house today. It turned out that we both didn´t feel like making miniatures but we tried to make the best out of it.
Klara gave me a lot stuff for my Christmashouse. A house to make a gingerbreadhouse and the stuff to put on the house. A Christmastree wich she made from paper and a sleigh. (Thanks Klara.) I will make a poinsettia for the sleigh.

This is the house Klara already made. It´s 3cm. Doesn´t it look great?

We made a bag and a watering can.
Klara made the bag with the flowers and the white can.

I also purchased some mice from Nella 
They are so cute and they will also go in my Christmashouse.
Little Bear wanted to show everything.  :-)

With love           


9 opmerkingen:

  1. Ihr wart sehr fleissig. Schöne Sachen habt ihr gemacht. Die Mäuse und der Bär sind allerliebst.
    Grüße von Craftland

  2. Veo que lo habeis pasado muy bien, que lindas miniaturas habeis hecho.
    Sus regalos son preciosos.
    besitos ascension

  3. You got very cute gifts from Klara!!!

  4. Lovely gifts from Klara, and you did manage to produce between you very cute minis. I love Klara's ginger house.

  5. Wat heb je super leuke spulletjes gekregen van Klara, het kleine huisje is zoooooo schattig.

    Lieve groetjes Mieke

  6. So many lovely items - I'm looking forward seeing the sleigh and the house after you finished them!


  7. Klara's gifts were very good! The gingerbreadhouse is beautifully decorated. Mice are cute! I'll follow up to see the Christmashouse finished. ;)

  8. Your gifts are beautiful. I love the gingerbread house. The jugs and bags are wonderful. The mice are very cute. Cant wait to see more of your Christmas house.
    Hugs Maria