Sunday, 13 November 2011


I had so much fun today. I´ve been to Margriet and together with Hanny and Ineke we have made some dragons.
This is the result after a few hours wrestling with clay.
This is Hanny´s dragon. She is holding a little babymouse. Isn´t that cute??
This one belongs to Ineke. He has real spines on his back
Little cuty belongs to Margriet. When it was in the oven the black run out so she had to put another spine on.
This is mine. For a first dragon it´s oke. I don´t like the feet.
Later I made another one. A little babydragon. He´s almost 2 cm.
Aren´t they cute??

We also made some "bottles"  
Little Bear had a lot of fun with E-bear.

With love              


  1. Dragons are so cute! I also liked the bottles and the 'meeting' of bears .;)

  2. The little dragons are very cute and having a good time making them with friends seems to be the best part. An impressive quantity produced in one day.

  3. The dragons are very cute i like a lot. The bottles are great. Wonderful way to spend a day.
    Hugs Maria

  4. I've already seen your gorgeous dragon parade on Margriet's blog... your dragons look very nice. Isn't it fun how blogging inspires us to do things we've never done before? A few days ago I've tried my first dragon, too (thanks to the inspiration of Nicky)... well, mine had the head of a Shetland-pony, so I think I'm allowed to judge your first attempt as really good... ;O)


  5. Knap gedaan Sjoukje :-) ik doe het jullie niet na...

    Liefs Jollie