dinsdag 7 juni 2011

Chair for little Bear

First I want to welcome my new followers. Hope you like my blog.

This morning Klara and I have been making chairs. Mine is for little Bear´s home. We had a lot of fun. She brought Menina and Menino so I could see them.  

Klara is concentrating on her chair.
("I won´t look to the camera")

This is the chair Klara made.

And this is mine

Menino and Little Bear are very happy with the results.


7 opmerkingen:

  1. Both chairs are great and look very comfortable.

  2. Thanks Drora. It is so much fun to make them.

  3. Ze zijn allebei erg mooi geworden Sjoukje! :)

    Liefs Jollie

  4. The chairs look wonderful! They both look very happy with their new chairs.

  5. Dank je Jollie....en dat voor iemand die nooit geen 1:24 dingen zou maken.....hahaha

    Thank you Lataina. They are delighted with their new chairs.

  6. The chairs are great They look so sweet and comfortable. :)